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My very first Beavertail experience!

For the very first time in my life I have made it to Ottawa!

Ottawa, I must say, is stunning.  Jeff and I toured the streets and were absolutely impressed with every corner we turned and all the history that was there to be absorbed!

I am almost ashamed to admit that, as a Canadian and on top of not being to our nations capital until now, I have never had a beavertail.  Even Obama has had a beavertail before me!!!

What is a beavertail you ask?

Well you are not alone, I asked the same thing to my very best friend Rachel who was adamant that I eat one of these things…good thing I listened!

A beavertail is a pastry that is shaped like, surprise surprise, a beavers tail.

Beavertails is a small shop found in the heart of the Byward market, but you can smell the sweet smell of frying pastry a mile a way!

note: as you can see Jeff is already starting to eat!

So we walk up to the booth to order our very first beavertail.  We had just eaten breakfast so I order the simplest one, brown sugar and cinnamon, but Jeff very quickly put the kibosh to that!

What we ended up ordering by his doing was the banana and chocolate beavertail….I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

A few short minutes later, Jeff and I had tackled our first beavertail and were delighted to find such a delicious treat!

All in all this was a HUGE success and if the only thing I ended up doing in Ottawa was tasting one of these beavertails, I would have been ok with that 🙂

Thank you again Rachel for the suggestion….now I have to figure out how to make these at home! 🙂


Deb Perelman Book Signing!

SO SO SO Excited!

I had the immense pleasure of going to the Deb Perelman book signing last night in Toronto!!

Deb and I!

For those of you who do not know who Deb Perelman is, you should!  I was introduced to the Smitten Kitchen blog, found here, by Jessie a friend of mine and a huge baking enthusiast as well!

Jessie always told me that she felt like Deb was a part of her family and that her and her sister talk about her like she is “Aunt Deb”.  I never quite understood how, without knowing a person, you could feel that way about someone, until I started following the Smitten Kitchen blog!

Not only do I love the fantastic recipes that are posted on the blog, I also love the story that is delivered with the recipes.  Deb will take you on her journey of how she came up with the recipe to attempts taken, to the corrections made and finally to the end product, which is always a stunning dish that is absolutely delicious!  While taking you on this journey she makes you feel like you are right in the kitchen with her!

After following the blog for going on two years now, I was super excited to hear that she was making a cook book and to top off that excitement, she was coming to Toronto for a book signing!!!!

Jessie and I immediately determined that this was an event we were attending and I couldn’t be happier.  We went to the book signing last night where Deb was interviewed and the audience had the chance to ask questions, our question was chosen of course 🙂

We asked her if she preferred to bake or to cook, part of her response, which both Jessie and I can relate to, was that she bakes to receive favours.  This is something that Jessie and I are all too familiar with as we will both bake, bring it into work and then ask for a favour….no shame!

Last night was a great experience.  I was able to meet Deb, the face of Smitten Kitchen, hear her talk about cooking/baking as her passion, receive tips for blogging and finally, to top off this awesome night, I met her in person, took a picture with her and she signed my cook book!!

I strongly recommend you take a look at her blog and try out some of her recipes, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!